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Almond is an Innovation Builder, providing you
with design, tech and branding solutions.
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Every successful business started with a good strategy. At Almond, we provide various strategy services that help pave the way for your business dreams. From rapid ideation to the execution process, our team work closely with all stakeholders to get insights and truly understand your business needs. You can choose any strategic works that fits your company such as idea testing or visioning workshops.
  • Venture building consulting
  • Business innovation strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Brand strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Online marketing
  • Visioning workshop
  • Design doing methodology
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almond service
Rethink experience. Our innovation design services are focusing on the whole ecosystem, starting from understanding your business needs and your customers’ journey. Through planning, testing and experimenting prototypes, we are able to go through the details and twisting them into new surprises. Your customers, employees and company deserve beyond and well-crafted experiences. Here, our working process is focused on human-centric design and seamless experience for both offline and online platforms.
  • Customer experience design
  • O2O (online-to-offiline) experience design
  • UX/UI design
  • Product design
  • Brand identity design
almond service
almond service
Your new favourite developer. We are a group of experienced developers who are passionate in transforming business through technology and innovation. At Almond, we turn your business visions into products whether it be website, mobile application or LINE bot application. Your product will be based on the latest technologies from LINE, Microsoft, and Amazon. Feel free to let us know your dreams, we will simplify any complications to maximize the possibilities. Ping us to get your Javascript, React, Node.js done and make your customer’s life easier.
  • Process digitalization via chatbot
  • CRM (customer relationship management platform)
  • Data analytics dashboard
  • Location-based customer acquisition (via Beacon)
almond service
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workList background
workList background
almond workAssistMeHR Assistant Chatbot on Microsoft TeamsNewly Launched
almond workAIS Kiosk : AISUX/UI Design for Physical Customer Touchpoint
almond workToyotaBeacon, LINE OA Development
almond workThai Fight Covid : depaStrategy, Website UX/UI Design, Development
almond workEtranVenture Building - Electric motorcycle and clean public transportationAlmond’s venture
almond workCarenationVenture Building - Sustainable wreaths and Transparent donation platformAlmond’s venture